Traditional Indian Dairy Sweets Using A2 Cow Milk OR Traditional Indian dairy sweets are best made with A2 Cow Milk

Milk is a staple in many countries around the world. It’s seen as an important part of daily life, but what if there was more to milk than just nutrition? What if there was a type that tastes better and has more protein? Choice of milk is often a matter of personal opinion, right? It depends on so many factors: the flavour and thickness, the type and quality of milk, and even the packaging!

The taste of Indian sweets becomes so rich when they are cooked with milk, that no one can resist. Needless to say, A2 farm fresh cow milk which is the highest quality of milk in India, improves the flavour of these desserts. Many Indians swear that their native sweets taste better and the secret to that is the source of milk they use. Malai milk is the key to making irresistible, delicious sweets.

A2 milk, sourced from Indigenous cows, has a richer and more authentic flavour than A1 cow milk packed in plastic covers. Unlike regular cow’s milk, A2 farm fresh milk has higher levels of A2 protein than regular cow’s milk. There is an increasing demand for this type of A2 milk in India!

The taste of Indian sweets improves when made with A2 milk instead of A1 milk.

Indian sweets are often made with unsweetened condensed milk, which has a very strong flavour. The taste of organic fresh A2 cow milk from desi breeds is another reason that makes it premium. When using A2 milk, Indian sweets will taste better than other types of dairy products. The yoghurt, fresh butter, tastes delicious when it’s made with this milk because of the difference in protein content.

In recent years, as more studies have been conducted on the advantages of milk from desi breed cows, many people have opted to make their sweets with this milk instead of A1 milk because of taste and quality. Nowadays, those who want a taste that is reminiscent of their childhoods are opting for this healthier option.

●     Dessert

Every dessert can now be given a healthy twist by substituting regular milk with A2 milk. Aside from the health benefits, desi cow milk will also render a rich, creamy texture that is loved by all.

●     Indian ice cream (Malai Kulfi)

Indian ice cream is a year-round delicacy. It’s so good, but it can be made even better! One step you can take to make your Indian ice cream even more perfect is to add fresh cow milk from Indigenous cows. This traditional Indian milk has a distinct taste and enhances the flavours of any dish. A2 milk creates a sweet and creamy taste, unlike anything you’ve ever tried before.

●     Sweets

Indian festivals are full of joy, happiness, and food! The sweet delicacy of Indian festivals is one of the things that makes these special occasions so memorable. Traditional Indian sweets can be made by using readily available ingredients like organic dairy milk from desi cows, fresh ghee, sugar, and flour. Easy to make and delicious to taste, one should try their hand at making this speciality at home.

What are the benefits of drinking A2 over A1?

There are many benefits of drinking A2 hygienic milk from Indian humped cows. For example, the A2 protein in cow’s milk causes much less inflammation in the body than other types of dairy protein. This is because it does not provoke an immune response in the body.

A2 also has a lower presence of beta-casomorphin-7, which can cause gastrointestinal issues and pain in some people. The benefits of drinking A2 milk include reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes.

The harmful properties of lectins from A1 milk have been well documented in recent years. They can cause serious harm to those with compromised gut health, leading to “leaky gut” and a host of other symptoms.

Many people with lactose intolerance search for ways to reduce the symptoms that accompany their condition. They may try cutting out dairy entirely, or they may just cut back on the amount of dairy they consume. Some people find that switching from to A2 milk alleviates their symptoms. In a human trial published in 2016, they found that those who switched from A1 to A2 had a significant decrease in symptoms.


Indian humped cows produce milk that is better in every aspect. This helps explain why Indian sweets taste better with A2 milk, which is also great for those who are lactose intolerant.

If you are looking for an Indian sweet that tastes better, try drinking A2 milk. It tastes great and will help you avoid stomach aches.

What makes Fat Cow Dairy the best choice for A2 milk?

In the dairy industry, cows are often seen as a commodity to be exploited. Dairy farms can be especially cruel, keeping cows in tight spaces to maximise their milk production and treating them like machines.

At Fat Cow Dairy, the cows are treated like family by its owners. They produce farm fresh raw milk and give their cows the best care possible to ensure that they are happy and healthy. The owner believes that cows deserve to be free and happy. They are neither confined to small spaces nor subjected to hormones and injections.

Fat Cow fresh dairy farm is open for visitors and provides a great opportunity for kids to explore the farm and meet some of their beloved cows. If you are interested, schedule a meeting time and we will be happy to accommodate your request.

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