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Farm Fresh A2 Milk in Chennai 

Fat Cow Dairy is an initiative by two brothers; Pradyumna and Pragyan Damani to set up a fully self-sustaining farm centered on the dairy farming aspect of agriculture. Both brothers having studied abroad, were dissatisfied with the poor quality of produce available upon returning to India. To solve this problem they decided to start their own farm and bring back the fashion of healthy eating and sustainable lifestyles. Procurement of land was the first hurdle followed by the realization that an organic farm cannot run without high quality manure. For this, they procured a few genetically superior cows from Gujarat and Haryana along with planting a few acres of fodder and some fruiting trees. With the superior treatment the cows were getting along with the nutritious well-balanced feed, it was only a matter of time before they started getting some top quality milk. That’s how Fat Cow Dairy came into existence. Operations which begun with 10 Gir cows and a few acres of fodder have now grown to over 100 cows and a lot more land!! Fat Cow Dairy’s growth has been as organic as its products, ensuring a perfected product and a satisfied consumer before moving any further.

A2 Cow Milk in Chennai 

“Our cows are our family”, this is true for not only Indian farmers but for the regular Indian family as well. An Indian family’s primary source of protein and nutrition is from milk, being predominantly vegetarian. This is why cows worked in their favour, giving them much-needed manure and in getting to the market. At the Fat Cow Dairy farm cows live in almost resort-like conditions; nutritious food, relaxing stress-free environment, fresh air and most of all, lots and lots of love!!! The brothers not only ensure the happiness and well-being of the cows but also their valued customers assuring the highest level of personalized service. The farm is only the first step in bringing health and well-being back in vogue. Healthy lifestyles, sustainable living and a desire for purity without compromising on taste and flavour is what drives these brothers every single day, not to mention the oodles of fun they have enjoying doing what they’re doing. Hop on the van and join us for this healthy fun-filled journey with the Fat Cow Dairy family. we offer the low cost a2 cow milk deliveries in Chennai.

How we are different?

Indigenous cows like Gir, Sahiwal, Rathi only

Fresh nutritious grass grown for cows at the farm.

Insulated bags provided to ensure milk’s freshness.

Delivered in eco-friendly returnable glass bottles.

Free range open to sky grazing cows.

No hormons or antibiotic injections given to cow

Calcium rich, essential for bone growth.

Non presence of diabetes and cancer causing peptide.

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The dairy products you get are directly from our farm. You can almost taste the beautiful, rustic aroma.