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Farm Fresh Dairy Products

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Natural & healthy

indigenous breeds

We take “Make in India” very seriously, The cows on our farm are indigenous breeds only.

Healthy-fat content

Our milk is wholesome & has a healthy fat content. Higher fat content in milk = Higher omega-3 fatty acids, Lower risk of diabetes, better gut health. 


Our milk has no preservatives and is as fresh as can be! We home deliver directly from the farm within 12 hours of milking.

about us

We’re NOT about fad-diets, temporary fixes and failed new year resolutions! We’re here to impact lifestyles and promote better health in a holistic & sustainable manner.

We’re passionate about bringing farm-fresh products back in everyday life, dispel misconceptions, improve lives and have a good time doing it!

We’re entrepreneurs with a passion for sustainable farming, a desire for purity and with zero-tolerance for any bull!

Why us?

100% Farm fresh

The dairy products you get are directly from our farm. You can almost taste the beautiful, rustic aroma.

Balanced nutritious diet

We feed our cattle a mix of grass, hay, bran, oil cake etc. to give them a well-balanced and nutritious diet.

No preservatives

We’re not here to mass-produce. There’s absolutely no motivation for us to use preservatives, additives, coloring agents etc.

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