frequently asked questions

1-litre of A2 cow’s milk costs Rs.115

The rates are inclusive of delivery.

Yes, 500ml of A2 cow’s milk costs Rs. 60

Yes, we do offer alternate day delivery.

You can either request to have cash collected or do a bank transfer at the beginning of every month.

Yes, you would have to pay for your subscription at the beginning of each month.
Our billing cycle starts on the 1st of each month.

Our milk should reach you at approx. the same time that your morning
newspaper does.

Yes, our milk comes from Desi cows only. We do testing for the same.

Yes, we give absolutely no hormone injections like oxytocin etc.

Everyone falls sick at some point of time. When our cows fall sick, we first try to
treat them with Homeopathy. If that doesn’t work, we have no choice but to give
Antibiotics. In this circumstance, we separate the milk and don’t give it to you
until the antibiotics are completely out of their system.

Yes, we add absolutely no preservatives or additives. It’s as pure as it gets.

When stored at a temperature of below 4 degrees C, it lasts for about 2-3 days

So, their meals change from time to time, we always make sure they follow a
balanced diet in the same way that we do. We give them grass, hay, oil cake,
bran etc; and we are constantly researching and improving their feed on a
regular basis.

Yes, you can. We pasteurize, so you can drink it straight from the bottle.

It is a process that heats the milk at a particular temperature for a stipulated time
to ensure killing of harmful bacteria while maintaining its nutrient value. Thus
making the milk safe to drink straight from the bottle.

Yes, we deliver in glass bottles. We believe this is the best for the environment
and for your taste buds.

Of course you can. Just give our team a call so we can coordinate a convenient
time for you to come and see the farm.

Our delivery person will collect it the next morning when he comes to drop off the
milk for the day. We require you to rinse and return the empty glass bottle on
your next scheduled delivery.

Glass bottles are expensive, so we would have to charge you Rs. 50 for the

Yes, you can. Give our team a call or whatsapp them on +91-9940387981 and
they would be happy to help you with the same. You could also log in to your
account and make alterations to your schedule

It can be done latest by 6:30pm on the previous day of delivery.

Contact us

or give us a call at

+91 99403 87981

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The dairy products you get are directly from our farm. You can almost taste the beautiful, rustic aroma.